Alternative Risk Transfer

Alternative Risk Transfer

Alternative Risk Transfer

To find the optimum way to manage the cost of risk, reduce risk and grow in today’s competitive business climate, finance decision makers and stakeholders need to think creatively.

Matrix employ an alternative approach to risk transfer that transcends models, procedures and routines. A process that is equal parts: insight and imagination.

This concept yields better management of risk, better strategies for cost containment and better solutions for reinsurance and alternative risk.

Matrix can help you to develop strategically designed alternative risk management solutions tailored to your specific risk profile, so you can achieve optimum results.

Matrix offer a wide range of alternative risk financing solutions, including:

  • Formation of: Single-parent Captives, Group Captives, Cell Captives, Employee Benefit captives
  • Risk Retention Groups, Mutuals and other Risk Pooling facilities
  • Reinsurance solutions

As a leader in providing diverse reinsurance solutions, our global team operates at the intersection of art and science – where creative thinking meets expertise and superior outcomes are delivered. This is how we are able to fully understand our clients’ needs and deliver the most comprehensive solutions available.

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